Vollett Executive Coaching


Rob Reilly, Global Creative Chairman, McCann Worldgroup

I did coaching with Vollett Executive Coaching for a year, and I can tell you I would not have this job without it.  Jim is a great guy, and I think everyone should do coaching if they can afford it.  He lived in the back of my mind guiding me.

Hear what Rob Reilly has to say about coaching with Jim in this podcast (at the 41.40 minute mark).

Rob Schwartz, CEO, TBWA\Chiat\Day NY

Our leadership team has worked with VEC for almost two years. The results have been outstanding. VEC has helped me truly start to realize my potential as a CEO. And each member of our team has become a significantly better leader. Best of all, we are much more aligned as a team. The proof is in the performing. We have had the two best years of my tenure as CEO – financially and creatively. We were named Adweek’s “Global Agency of the Year” and our office was a significant reason why. We would enthusiastically recommend VEC to any company looking to grow their leaders, grow their business and yes, dare I say, have a lot more fun.


David DeMuth, CEO, President, Doner

Along with senior leadership team, I’ve been working with Vollett Executive Coaching for several years. Together, we’ve made a demonstrable impact by reimagining the company. Their process and insights have helped us to focus our energy, become better collaborators, and to unleash our collective talents in a manner that’s not only helped us achieve short term goals, but has allowed us to build a foundation for sustainable growth and intelligent succession. Admittedly, I entered the engagement with them with some skepticism, but I am now a firm believer in their value and would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Walter Segworth, Chairman, Plutonic Power Corporation

I am very pleased by the results of the process VEC brought to us.  Their systematic approach to the board performance review and their ability to encourage frank and open comments from the members (and then to summarize and present them well and without attribution) clearly set the stage for renewal.  Because the process got all of us involved, it had the credibility to allow us to take the change steps we needed, without rancour.  Thank you for your good work.

Marc Patrick, Category Director, Nike

VEC made a quick and dramatic impact. They worked with me from a personal leadership perspective to focus in and move forward on the most significant opportunities for my department.

Dan Gross and Alan Brown, Principals DNA Brand Mechanics

Working with Jim and VEC was the best thing we did this past year. Jim helped us identify a position for our company that’s really true for us – something we’d never been able to do on our own. Financially this has been our best year ever, and we have enough business booked to make the coming year even better. We have a clearer sense of who we are, where we’re going, and the steps that will get us there. We would absolutely recommend VEC to anyone who is looking for rapid and sustainable growth.

Huber Boehle, Managing Director, Bauer Publishing USA

VEC has consistently proven that we can capitalize on market opportunities that at first look impossible. We defined new opportunities that were meaningful to the business from a financial perspective and meaningful to the core senior management team from a personal perspective. The renewed focus and drive led to In Touch winning magazine launch of the year and our roster publications, including Woman’s World, continuing on a path of strong growth.

Carl Johnson, CEO, Chiat/Day, New York (now CEO of Anomaly)

Despite a sudden drop in the economy, our New York office had its best year while working with VEC. Top to bottom, they shaped a culture for success that was inspired by the openness, clarity and focus brought to bear by the process of working with VEC.

Buz Sawyer, Managing Director, Wieden and Kennedy

We are on track for 20+ percent growth in the current down market. By both strengthening and focusing our leadership, VEC has helped us to improve our business development on the front end, while honing our efficiency on the back end. Simply put, we are laying a solid foundation for long-term growth.

Christian Cotichini, Founder, MAKE Technologies (now Founder of Herox)

While working with Jim, we have reworked our core offering into a technology that will change our industry, and assembled a management team that can make it happen. We have grown by over 500% in this last year, and are posed to grow 300% next year, and then 300% the year after. We simply would not be here without Jim’s help. I really appreciate this clarity, guidance and ability. I look forward to working with Jim and his team to guide us through this time of explosive growth.”

Blair Simonite, VP of Operations and Finance ACL Services Limited

Vollett Executive Coaching has been extremely valuable to us. Jim’s work has given me substantially improved focus and sense of purpose, and in particular has helped me take my game up a level. His work with myself and my staff has allowed me to take on much greater challenges, in both my professional and personal world. I recommend Vollett Executive Coaching without reservation.

Dave Galloway, Ex Senior VP Business Objects

Making the transition from the high reaches of the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world is difficult at the best of times. Vollett Executive Coaching has been critical for me through this transformation. I have significantly more wellbeing, freedom, and sense of making a difference than I did at the height of my corporate career. And I got if for free because VEC helped me create a consulting business that more than paid for my coaching fees, plus the ideas and insights that I have gained from Jim will be useful for the rest of my life, so the value will keep on building. I highly recommend VEC to anyone facing a major transition.

Brendan Byrne, Founder and CEO of Wolf Medical (now TELUS Health Physician Services)

I would recommend Vollett Executive Coaching to any innovator. When I started working with Vollett Executive Coaching, our business was under a lot of pressure. He helped me stabilize my role as CEO, then helped me stabilize the business, then build it for growth. We just sold the business at four times its value of two years ago. Furthermore, I have found the work to be very supportive to me personally and in all areas of my life.

Eric Yang, CEO Black Bag Advertising

We have worked with Vollett Executive Coaching, for over two years now. When we started, our company was trending down. In year one we stabilized our business, and year two we had our highest revenue and profit year by far. In year three we sold the company. Moreover, I have found the work deeply satisfying and motivating, both personally and professionally. I recommend this work to anyone.

Tooey Courtemanche, CEO, Procore

I have deeply enjoyed the coaching I have received from Vollett Executive Coaching. I look forward to our sessions, and find them very helpful to my own wellbeing and my effectiveness as a CEO. They have been particularly helpful around the onslaught of Covid and the rapidly changing world events that we have all been challenged with most recently.

Jeff Steinhour, President CP+B

Vollett Executive Coaching (VEC) has made a huge contribution to me and to our agency. They have a great ability to see all the parts and coach each player to be better. I believe we are now poised for steady growth and VEC have been a key contributor to that. I would recommend them to anyone.

John Boiler, CEO, 72andSunny

I made the decision to coach with Jim over 3 years ago now and it’s made a huge positive impact on my performance. When a company is so rapidly growing, it’s the responsibility of leaders to keep or outpace that growth personally, and I credit my working with Jim in helping us achieve that growth in a way that was healthy, both personally and for our culture.

Bob Jeffrey, Global Chairman and CEO, J. Walter Thompson

It is so easy for someone in my position to get distracted by the ‘urgent’ and lose touch with the ‘really important.’ Jim keeps me focused. He has a tremendous ability to take complex issues and simplify them into simple, elegant actions. I now have my team working with his team.
Our relationship has been critical for my successful transition to global CEO of JWT. While I could have done it without him, but it would have been a lot harder.

Ty Montague, Creative Director, Wieden + Kennedy, New York; Co-CEO of JWT New York, (now co-founder-CEO of co-collective

Jim and his team at VEC have impacted our organization at every level. They have worked with us individually to become better managers, at the departmental level to become better teams, and at the organization level to make our process work more smoothly. As a result, we had the best financial year in our history. Although we’re not sure we’re ready to give Jim and his team all the credit – my partner Todd and I were voted two of the top creative leaders in the country last year – we do give VEC 100% credit for making our business better by making us better leaders.

Anne Bologna, CEO Fallon NY (now co-founder of Toy)

“While working with Jim, we took our agency from off-the-radar to Agency of the Year in one of the most respected creative publications. We would not be enjoying the success we’re having without Jim Vollett and his team. Not only is Jim a great coach of innovation and leadership, I consider him a business partner. I would highly recommend him to anyone, without reservation.”


Marc Patrick, Men’s Footwear Category Director

I rate the Vollett Executive Coaching as a five out of five. I have begun to pace myself much better at work. I now understand that I am in “Research” mode in my new position as Director of Footwear Category Director. This has allowed me to increase my “self confidence, while being a novice.” I also applied my recent performance review goals to how I truly define success at work i.e. I am identifying the type of recognition I want on an ongoing basis, which helps me understand how to maintain self-confidence. My leadership skills have begun to grow by my overall entrance into my new position. Identifying who, what and how I need to learn has provided a few early “wins” and positive feedback in my new role. I am also much more aware of how to stay “Fit” mentally and physically, which directly translates to my effectiveness as a leader. And most importantly, I have reconfirmed my perspective that family is ALWAYS first and by placing them first in everyday situations I will increase my productivity at work. The Work-Life-Balance model is very effective. Thanks again, Jim.

Vollett Executive Coaching - Susan Cannon

Kevin Honeycutt, Founder & CEO of Honeycutt Partners, Inc.

My company has had its best year ever. Our operations have expanded nationwide, from Los Angeles to New York, to better meet the needs of our increased east coast clientele. Without a doubt, it would have been nearly impossible to have pursued such business and personal growth without the astute guidance and valuable assistance provided by Vollett Executive Coaching. I have recommended them too many people, and will continue to do so.

Lori Senecal, President & CEO, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners (now CEO of CP+B)

The Vollett Executive Coaching program is very flexible in that it deals with wins/losses in real time which makes each session very relevant and actionable. The learning can be broadly applied to many situations going forward, and shared with colleagues to help them become more present and effective. KBS+P significantly increased its revenues while working with VEC, and we are on course to stabilize and produce more. I would rank this work a ten out of ten and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their business and themselves.

Andrew Keller, CEO CP+B (now Global Creative Director at Facebook)

Vollett Executive Coaching(VEC) has had a profound impact on my life and every life they have touched at CP+B . It’s hard to put into words what it means to have someone who you can speak to honestly and vulnerably and that then can convert the mess into advice and guidance! Wow. You have been a key contributor to the reinvention of CP+B. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any one in need of your services. Thanks again.