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Jim Vollett - Vollett Executive CoachingFor performance strategies that empower larger groups within an organization, we offer a number of in-depth programs that focus on business growth, innovation and leadership. The goal of these programs is to provide relevant learning in a way that can be immediately applied to your current work environment.

Our Brand Promise

Organizationally, we promise you radical increases in employee retention, productivity, and sustainable rapid growth.

Individually, we promise you clarity, balance, focus, power, sustainable growth, and satisfaction.

This work is not easy—it is challenging—it moves you beyond your comfort zone. However, it brings about unforeseen growth potential for your company and a greater sense of fulfillment and success for your people. This leads to sustainable growth for both. Aligning the two visions—organizational and individual—is one of the keys that makes VEC unique and is the key to the continued success of VEC’s work.

Opportunity Analysis

If you want to succeed at innovation you have to manage a great deal of complexity. This is true whether it is your company, your department, your charity, or your world.

For the last 25 years, Vollett Executive Coaching (VEC) has been developing proprietary business strategy models to map that complexity. Almost every complex system can be reduced to one or two key constraints that are holding you back from achieving the innovation and growth that you desire (and they are rarely what you think they are!) You will discover that when you move the constraint, you move the entire system.

VEC provides you with an upfront, integral opportunity analysis that examines all parts of your business and of your life, so that you discover those constraints and learn how to turn them into opportunities. This analysis is then updated every six months as new information emerges.

Innovation Coaching

CEO Coaching

Vollett Executive Coaching - CEO Coaching

At VEC, we begin our work with the CEO, or divisional VP,  to crystallize their vision, at both a corporate and a personal level. The alignment of the corporate with the personal vision is the key to sustaining corporate development. When your work is a natural expression of a deeply held personal vision, your power, productivity and results increase dramatically. This becomes true across both your corporate and personal life.

This process produces an almost immediate radical increase in well-being, a three to four month radical increase in productivity, and a six month implementation of key bottom-line objectives.

The next steps are for the CEO to assemble the team he/she needs to bring that vision to fruition, to align and commit them, to have the calm to draw out their best productivity, and the personal growth necessary to stay out ahead of them.

High Performance Team Coaching

VEC then works with your senior executives to harness their personal vision to the new innovation vision to generate the strategy, governance and commitment necessary for implementation. This dramatically increases their results as well as their ability to respond quickly to changes in the business environment.

Organizational Rollout

VEC will guide the rollout of this plan throughout the organization, driving accountability and commitment to every staff member involved in implementing the opportunity, as well as integrating the new innovation into the existing company systems. This lays a rock-solid foundation for long-term growth and creates a base for larger innovations.

Board Review

While most Boards today have an annual governance review, we at VEC believe that the job of the Board can be much more than governance.  Board can be integral in helping the company management achieve world-class performance.

VEC combines coaching skills with board governance knowledge to complete a comprehensive 360 degree assessment of the Board, and the directors. Our in-depth process allows deeply held desires and concerns to emerge and be synthesized into the major themes.  VEC articulates these themes into a report, and facilitates their discussion, until a deeply aligned aim emerges.

Integral Innovation Operating System

Vollett Executive Coaching - solutionsWhen we put all of this together, we create what we call an Integral Innovation Operating System (IIOS). We believe this system, which integrates the vision and meaning of the innovator with the productivity and accountability of the team and the power and flexibility of systems, allows you to manage a higher degree of complexity in a simple but elegant way.

The system embeds constant innovation, which is necessary to deal with ever accelerating change, whether in the form of a sudden economic downturn, or in the form of a highly exciting opportunity.

We initially help you solve problems using this process, but our real desire is to “download” this process to you and your culture. We do this by teaching you the awarenesses, skills and habits, so that it continues to produce sustainable value long after our work with you is complete.