Vollett Executive Coaching

Our Approach

Vollett Executive Coaching - group of executivesWith a unique approach to business strategy, Vollett Executive Coaching has had a dramatic impact on clients that have included senior executives, teams and divisions from organizations such as: 72andSunny, CP+B, Wieden + Kennedy, JWT, Chiat/Day, Doner, Make Technologies, MIT, Nike, and Citibank.

Our process merges management consulting and executive coaching to create a higher level of sustainable (and scalable) growth for organizations. Our approach is innovative, integrative, constraint oriented, people centered, practical and results focused.


Innovation is your ability to create new entrepreneurial possibilities, and then ensure they are successfully adopted.  It starts with the creative spark in you, the innovator, who then draws like-minded people together to build the systems and organization necessary to make the innovation visible to the world.

Constraint Focused

Underneath all of the conflicting forces in yourself, your team, and your company, there is usually one core conflict that underlies 80% of everything else (and it is rarely what you think it is).  When you find that constraint and move it forward, you move the entire system forward.  

The result for you is much higher “bang for your buck”.


Central to our approach is the application of the Integral Model to Innovation and Leadership. This comprehensive framework allows us to integrate a wide range of leading-edge insights, theories, and practices to discover your core constraint quickly.

Vollett Executive Coaching

People Centered

We work with the whole person.  Your people’s creativity does not start and stop at work.  Their creativity can be constrained by what is happening in their life away from work.  Our coaches can investigate those blocks within individuals in a way that would be inappropriate for anyone else in the workplace.  

The outcome: we produce business results within the context of your people’s personal goals—sustainable growth for both.  In so doing, we draw a greater ROI from your greatest asset—you and your people.


As one of our clients says: “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; but in practice there is.”  Although our work is based on strong theory, we know that it only makes a difference when it is implemented into a practical sustainable result. 
We have a deep respect for all that has gone before.  We believe that every individual, team, and organization that we touch has come to this point doing the best they can.  All of their behaviors made sense when they were first designed.

So we seek to include and honor all that you are, while at the same time designing the simplest and most elegant step, that when added to where you are, will transform you into where you want to be. 

We do this at your compelling pace, faster than comfortable, slower than overwhelming.

Results Focused

Vollett Executive Coaching -  city sceneOver twenty years, our clients have told us that our work produces the following results:

  • An almost immediate significant improvement in well-being and stress reduction.
  • An intermediate significant improvement in natural productivity, accountability and promotability.
  • A long-term significant improvement in bottom line results.
  • Employee retention and attraction.
  • A “downloading” of our knowledge into your culture, which produces value, long after we are gone.