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Over the past 26 years, Vollett Executive Coaching clients have included senior executives, teams and divisions from organizations such as: 72andSunny, CP+B, Wieden + Kennedy, JWT, Chiat/Day, Doner, Make Technologies, MIT, Nike, and Citibank.

Vollett Executive Coaching

Over the past 26 years, Vollett Executive Coaching clients have included senior executives, teams and divisions from organizations such as: 72andSunny, CP+B, Wieden + Kennedy, JWT, Chiat/Day, Doner, Make Technologies, MIT, Nike, and Citibank.

Vollett Executive Coaching was founded by Jim Vollett, B. Comm. Jim has 35 years’ experience working with the senior ranks of some of the top organizations in the world. He works closely with the senior executives, as their individual and corporate coach, helping them improve their leadership and drive their organization forward.

While working in venture capital, Jim discovered that far too often, the growth in successful companies stalled. Even the most successful executives inevitably reached a point where they were just not able to move the organization to the next level. Jim founded Vollett Executive Coaching in 1990 with the sole focus of addressing this issue—to resolve the challenge of moving from growth to sustained growth. This resolution requires a unique approach and is often focused on the executive talent that is leading the organization forward.

Vollett Executive CoachingHe joined forces with Susan Cannon in 2012 to combine her background in innovation, leadership and her work with senior women executives.

Management consulting brings part of the solution. Utilizing unique business analysis, strategy and process tools, VEC first identifies the opportunities and the challenges. However, unlike the standard consulting outcome where the final recommendation is rarely fully implemented, VEC adds the vital implementation element. Working one-on-one and with teams, VEC uniquely “coaches” its clients, helping them to execute the plan that will bring about sustained growth for the organization. Management consulting identifies the opportunities and challenges, while executive coaching then integrates the solution into the very core of the organization.

In coaching CEOs and senior executives, Jim and Susan have developed a unique understanding of the qualities behind a great chief executive, and their senior management team. They often work with such executives on their work-life balance, their personal leadership and their business strategy. They also reveal powerful insights behind the qualities and characteristics of top talent.

And often what emerges in this coaching is the need to include the home life. Shirley Vollett specializes in life and relationship coaching. She is a great resource for the spouse and partners of VEC clients.


Jim VollettJim is a pioneer in the executive coaching field, founding Vollett Executive Coaching in 1990, based on his previous experience as Business Manager of one of the first entrepreneurial incubators. As well, he is a seed capital investor in both business and social innovation.

Jim has an undergraduate degree in Business from the University of Saskatchewan with a focus on information systems, general business, and sociology. It took him fifteen years to put this together in one profession—coaching. He acquired a CMA designation (which is now CPA).

From 1980 to 1985, Jim completed over 1500 hours of training in transformation, coaching methodologies and human development, that he eventually called his entrepreneurial PhD. He did this while leading several tech initiatives in the food and oil industry. This left him with a deep abiding interest in how the human nervous system interacts with technical and organizational systems. To that end Jim completed the four year Feldenkrais training, which is the study of the human nervous system.

However, Jim left that training with a clear awareness that technology was not the constraint in our world; innovation was.There were more good ideas than people able to implement them. He then re-focused his career on innovation and developing the people and businesses necessary to implement innovation.

He had become a controller at age 22, VP finance of a start-up at age 33, and the CEO of a entrepreneurial public company at age 38. Soon after, he launched Vollett Executive Coaching.

Vollett Executive Coaching itself has gone through several innovation cycles, expanding from a Vancouver based business, to serving clients all over North America. It has moved from being a place to help clients with the problems they know they have, to building a knowledge ware built on extensive research, that directs clients to what they didn’t know they don’t know.

Jim is in a long term marriage with Shirley, and has two adult children. He is an active walker, and reader.

Susan CannonSusan is a certified integral master coach, interdisciplinary scholar-practitioner, university professor, organizational consultant, and futurist, who shaped her 25+ year career toward innovation and change in human systems.

During her 1990’s research developing future scenarios for the U.S. in 2020, she recognized two high leverage factors critical to a positive future: business and women leaders. Since then she has acquired significant training in adult and organizational development, as well as the role of business as a transformative enterprise.

Susan began her career in physics and engineering, working in the defense and semiconductor industries, earning multiple patents. She shifted into global change by operating an historic charter flight service between the Soviet Union and Alaska during the Cold War, subsequently providing consulting services for U.S. businesses during the early days of the Russian Republic. She has carried out consulting and research projects in multiple countries and contexts including China, Mexico, and India.

She served as Vice President of Strategic Planning and Development for a demolition and remediation firm, helping them grow to one of the largest in the world. By recognizing the cultural shift toward sustainability, the company launched a recycling division that became its most profitable, and won state awards for environmental excellence. Susan also received state awards for her innovative corporate programs for workplace improvement and job training.

Susan is currently an adjunct professor at Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, California, in the Organizational Development and Leadership M.A. program, and was a co-founder of Kore Evolution, which has been designing and delivering highly successful university certificate programs in women’s integral leadership development since 2000.

Her degrees include a B.S. in Engineering Physics, Texas Tech University; M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Purdue University; and a Ph.D. in Integral Studies, California Institute of Integral Studies. She has also served as an associate professor of management at Antioch University Seattle, and an adjunct professor with the Bainbridge Graduate Institute at Pinchot University, the first business school to offer an accredited MBA in Sustainable Business.


Shirley Vollett is a Professional Certified Coach who provides life, relationship and work-related coaching for individuals who are ready to invest in their own success and fulfillment. For almost two decades, Shirley has coached executives, professionals, creatives and small business owners to achieve their goals and aspirations in their personal and professional lives. Shirley has helped her clients to:

  • Improve their relationships – working and personal
  • Increase their business success and make more money
  • Transition to more fulfilling work
  • Find a life partner
  • Navigate a major life change (divorce, empty nest, retirement, etc.)

Shirley offers her clients an environment of acceptance and deep listening, in which to discover their true desires for their lives. Her style is respectful, empathetic, gentle and discerning. Shirley’s clients say they value her ability to listen non-judgmentally and her warm encouragement. They feel accepted by her, able to share deeply and inspired to change and grow. Shirley’s calm perspective and skillful coaching have assisted her clients in making the changes they desire, at a pace they can sustain.

Shirley has worked with clients of all ages, from all walks of life. She also brings her personal experience as a partner and parent. Shirley’s breadth of experience has helped her develop a compassionate and practical wisdom and the ability to help her clients focus powerfully on taking their next steps toward their dreams. She is skilled at helping them get “unstuck” and moving forward, without them feeling pushed or rushed. Respect is all-important to Shirley. Says one client, “Shirley has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of things.” Says another, “The work that we’ve done together is a key factor in my success.”

Prior to coaching, Shirley was a trained social worker and spent 15 years counselling individuals, couples and families in a variety of social service settings. She has trained with Coach U, the Relationship Coaching Institute and Integral Coach Canada and has done extensive personal and professional development over her lifetime. She holds her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential with the International Coach Federation.

Shirley lives in the Vancouver, BC area. She is married and has raised two children.

Visit her website at www.shirleyvollett.com