July 2008

Today's Topic: Vacation Rejuvenation

Laughter is an instant vacation.
~Milton Berle

Happy summer vacation-time!

Have you had a chance to get away yet? Are you taking advantage of the longer days and sunny weekends? I hope you are honouring your need for rest and play -- whether or not you’re able to take an extended holiday.

I’m just back from a week in the sunny Okanagan Valley. It’s amazing the difference that a good holiday can make! There’s a spring in my step and I’m laughing at my husband’s jokes again – which according to him, is a sure sign of relaxation!

This year in particular, I seemed to be “running on fumes” by the end of June. This was evident in my inability to get a newsletter written before going on holiday. After sitting in front of my computer for several hours (several times), with nothing to show for it, I finally accepted that my creative “tanks” were on EMPTY. This wasn’t a case of procrastination. I was out of creative juice.

It felt good to surrender to my need for rest and relaxation. I invite you to do the same this summer. Summer affords such a wonderful opportunity to renew your relationship with yourself, as well as with your significant others.

Here are six tips for a rejuvenating summer:

1) Treat the whole summer as a holiday.
Think of your times of work as short interruptions in a two month long vacation. Let your work take place against the background of being on vacation. Notice how differently the summer feels and how differently you may feel about your free time!

2) Let the spirit move you into action.
Don’t “make” yourself do anything this summer that isn’t absolutely essential. Make play and rest the priority and wait until you spontaneously want to get things done, before starting them. Once you’ve rested enough, you’ll spring into action.

3) Enjoy your senses!
Summer offers a sensual feast! Warm sun on your skin… the taste of fresh strawberries… the slippery coolness of swimming or ice cream…. Enjoy the pleasures that summer has to offer – they will nurture your body AND soul.

4) Share your needs and expectations.
Let your family/partner know what you want and need this summer to rejuvenate. Time alone? A change of pace? Quiet reflection? Exuberant activity? Invite each member of your immediate family to share their expectations and hopes for the summer. Then you can begin to make space for each other’s needs and wants – and plan a summer that gives everyone what is essential to them.

5) Listen to the whisperings of your soul.
The insights and awareness you receive in the summer months can help you set the direction for the rest of your year. Give yourself opportunities to be with yourself and listen within. Time spent in nature or creative pursuits are perfect for this. Let those deeper messages float to the surface and guide you.

6) Celebrate your accomplishments and your relationships.
Gather your “wins” from the first half of the year and give yourself a big pat on the back for all your efforts – whether or not everything worked out as expected.
As you celebrate each accomplishment or how you’ve grown, bring to mind all those individuals who have supported and encouraged you along the way. Say a word of thanks for the richness of your life.

I wish for you that perfect blend of relaxation and adventure!

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