Issue #14 |December 2009

Today's Topic: Complete Your Year From The Inside-Out

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

- William Arthur Ward

Dear friends,

It has been a great pleasure and privilege to write this newsletter over the past year. And when I hear from you that something I’ve written has touched you or given you something to ponder, I am very gratified.

So thank-you for your feed-back and the gift of your time and thoughts – I love to hear from you!

I wish you many wonderful moments of relaxation, fun and warm connections this holiday season. I hope you take some time to count your blessings and release any disappointments from the past year. If you’d like some help to do so, read on.

Happy Holidays,


Completing 2009

Once Christmas preparations are over, I invite you to take time to savour, celebrate and complete the past year. If your year has been a great success, you are probably ready to kick back and celebrate. If your year has held adversity or disappointments, you may not be feeling wonderful as it ends. In either case, it can be very helpful to complete the year past, before starting the new one.

What does it mean to “complete” the year? Completion describes an inner state of feeling at peace –- there is a sense of resolution, closure and fulfillment. When we are complete with something, there is no longer any emotional charge on it. We’re fine with the way things are.

Completing the past year is a powerful way to "clean the slate" before starting the creation and visioning of a new year. If we're operating over top of unresolved feelings regarding the past, we feel resistance to beginning something new. When we are complete with what has gone before, it is very easy, spontaneous and natural to start creating the future. We don’t have to work at it.

Here’s a three step process for reviewing and completing the year:

1. Review what transpired.

Some people can remember their year in vivid detail. For others it’s a blur.
If you want to refresh your memory on what actually happened over the past year you can do one of the following:

• Write a little narrative of what happened during the year, starting in January.

• Review your journal for the year.

• Review your calendar/appointment book to remind yourself of everything you did.

2. Reflect on your wins, disappointments and growth.

Use the following questions to do some written reflection:

• What were the major events/turning points in the past year?

• Do I have any unmet goals or failed expectations for the year?
(Think about all areas of your life: work, relationships, health, finances, creativity, recreation, etc.) *This question is VERY important if you’re feeling discouraged about not meeting your goals for the year. Disappointments can eclipse any wins, so you will want to clear these out first.

• What have been my wins and accomplishments this year? (Again, look into all areas of your life, as above.

• In what ways have I grown this year?

• What were my most joyous moments?

• What do I want to release/let go of/ leave behind from the past year?

• Is there anyone or anything it would help me to forgive? (including myself)

• What do I want to give thanks for at this point in my life?

3. Share your reflections with someone supportive.

Get together with a trusted friend or partner and share your thoughts and reflections on the year. Invite them to do the same. Sharing our wins and our disappointments can help us to arrive at a place of peace, gratitude and completion. Ready for the new!

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